Arbitrage Betting, or Surebetting, is a method of making money from sports betting. The principle is simple: a bet is placed on every possible outcome in a sporting event. If the odds high enough, there is the possibility of a potent Surebet, so a safe bet. Sounds easy, but let’s take a closer look:

Arbitrage Betting

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Arbitrage Betting illustrated by an example

Let’s clarify the procedure for completing a Surebet using an example:

To complete a Surebet, we need to place the bets with multiple providers. The background is simple: the bookmakers would not make money if they offered safe bets.

In the example of an Over / Under 2.5 bet, there are two possible outcomes: Over 2.5 goals and Under 2.5 goals. We therefore have to look around the market in which bookmaker this is the best rate. After comparing the odds of the bookmakers for hours, I finally found a Surebet:

In the game PUSZCZA NIEPOLOMICE against SANDECJA NOWY SACZ there were the following odds on an over / under bet on the 10th of August at 17 o’clock:


2.19 @ Over (2.5)


2.05 @ Under (2.5)

We now bet on 1xbet 50 € on Over 2.5 and 50 € on PS3838 on Under 2.5. Now it’s time to wait. The game takes place at 19 clock and can be followed relaxed in the ticker. But the end result does not really matter. No matter how many goals are scored. I win either 2.19 * 50 € = 109.50 € for 1xbet or 2.05 * 50 € = 102.50 €. In any case, I get back the stake + a small GUARANTEED profit. Of course, this also works for classic win, undecided, defeat bets. There are even more options here. Is however also more extensive.

Searching for Surebets for hours for a few%?

Of course I did not find the bet after hours of searching, comparing and calculating. Arbitrage Betting is all about speed. Had I had to find the quotas manually, the odds would have changed over time and the Surebet would not have been possible. So I resorted to a software that does the work for me. The magic software can be found at and is available in a free and a paid version. I am currently using in the trial phase of a premium package and I have to say that it has worked so well so far.

What can the Surebet finder from Protools do?

The software collects per-second odds for hundreds of sporting events including football, tennis, baseball, baseball, handball, basketball and volleyball directly from bookmakers’ websites. In real-time, the front-end accesses the odds collected, calculates the probabilities and presents the possible succes filtered to your personal preferences in a concise dashboard.

But that’s not all. The built-in calculator calculates the ideal bets per outcome and directs you to the correct bet at the right bookmaker. Here it is still a short check a quality. Is this the right event? So the right teams? Right time? do the odds fit? Yes a? Then quickly complete both bets and wait until the win is paid out.

Gains from gambling are tax-free

Another nice side effect of this type of income is the fact that gambling winnings are tax-free. Yes, you heard right. No 42% income tax and no 26.5% withholding tax. And above all: 3 -5% go fast in one afternoon and not just 1% a year, as at the bank!